Disable the obnoxious beeping on a Mr. Coffee, Model JWX27

My girlfriend and I recently purchased an inexpensive Mr. Coffee coffee maker (Model JWX27-A), which has a majority of the features we wanted, including one that we did not want. This was the loud beeping/notification that occurred after a pot of coffee had finished brewing. Since we sometimes get up at different times and due to the ridiculous volume of this thing, I decided to see if I could disable it. I did a fair amount of research hoping the manufacturer included some sort of secret button-combination to disable it, but they didn’t.  Our previous Mr. Coffee maker actually had a switch to accomplish this, but I’m sure some jackass executive decided to remove the switch and therefore lower their manufacturing costs. Seriously, do companies consult with end-users anymore?  Anyway, I decided to take the next step and physically modify the pot to meet my needs. Below are the general steps you can take to do the same (sorry for not including photos, but I didn’t think about it during its disassembly):

**DISCLAIMER:  These steps could possibly render your coffee maker useless and most certainly void any sort of manufacturer warranty.  Swim at your own risk. Don’t pick up wooden nickels. Wear eye protection. You get the idea. **

In short, the annoying beeper/speaker lives behind the front control panel.  These steps will help you remove the control panel and access the speaker for its ultimate removal.

  1. Unplug the coffee maker (if you did not think to do this, you should probably not proceed any further).
  2. Empty the pot of any water (if you did not think to do this, you should probably not proceed any further).
  3. Remove the carafe.
  4. Remove the filter basket.
  5. Remove the water sprayer swing arm.  This is attached by one small screw and simply pops off the plastic stem/tube after the screw is removed.
  6. Flip the entire unit upside-down and remove the 5 recessed screws that surround the opening (by “opening” I mean the hole where magical coffee typically exits the basket and enters the carafe).  It may look like there are only 4 screws at first glance, but there is a 5th towards the base.
  7. Flip the unit upright again.  (This is the part that stumped me for a few minutes.) There are 2 “hidden” screws that hold down the entire upper portion of the machine. The parts that we’re wanting to remove are essentially the doors + the molded bucket that hold the filter cup/basket.  You’ll remove this as a single “piece” (don’t try to pry off the 2 flip doors).  The screws are covered by 2, black plastic “plugs” which cover the screws (probably to keep them from getting wet and rusty); one plug per screw. I used the awl on my pocket knife to dig into the center of the plugs just a little bit and then they popped right out.  Once you remove the plugs, you can then remove the screws.  You can now remove the upper plastic piece.  If you were able to salvage the plugs, you’ll want to pop those back in place during reassembly.
  8. You should now have access to the control panel.  Remove the 2 screws that hold the panel to the coffee maker.
  9. You’ll now see 4 small screws that hold the PCB (printed circuit board) to the panel. Remove those, but be aware of the fact that the buttons on the panel are loose and can fall out.  It’s easy to put them back if they do, but just keep your eye on them. You don’t want to put this thing back together and then realize you’re missing buttons.
  10. Once you expose the PCB, you’ll see the bane of your existence, the speaker.  It is a black, circular piece of plastic that looks like a thick washer.  If you simply want to reduce the volume, I suppose you can probably just wrap this part in electrical tape (assuming you don’t use so much that you can’t reassemble the panel).  I chose to eliminate it altogether, so using a small pair of pliers, I gently torqued the component in a clockwise / counter-clockwise direction until it broke free from the board.  It was still attached to a single wire, so I snipped it with some wire cutters.  (Honestly, at that moment, I felt my odds were about 50-50 that I was still going to have a working coffee pot.)
  11. Reverse all of these steps to get it back together and you’ll have a quietly brewed pot of coffee the next morning.

119 thoughts on “Disable the obnoxious beeping on a Mr. Coffee, Model JWX27

  1. Thanks for the steps to do this. I’m not afraid to take things apart when I know how to do it right, and this was just what I needed to grow a sack and finally take the plunge. Thankfully, my coffee pot still works and, most importantly, has learned to shut it’s stupid mouth.

    Being able to brew early on a weekend morning and not wake the missus is HUGE and will earn me many brownie points!

    One little note about the speaker: if you remove the plastic black casing (that looks like a big washer), all you need to take out after that is a little silver/white disc. That little disc is what seems to allow the electrical circuit to complete. I didn’t bother removing the bottom black piece connected to the board itself.

    • Thank you! Just used this technique to disable to speaker on a Mr. Coffee model # BVMC-EHX23. What was Mr. Coffee thinking with these annoying beeps? Get a clue! At the very least make it a programmable option. Some of us like to imagine we’re not cattle!

    • Kudos to Mongo and Peter. I just did this to my JWX23WM. Removed the black cap and then just the silver disk..believe this is the buzzer “reed” and it worked…thanks for the detailed instruction…sweet silent coffee!

    • Dear Mongo,
      You’re a genius! Thank God for the internet and folk such as yourself helping others. When I heard that coffee maker “alerting” me that the coffee was done I thought it was a smoke alarm! The dog even started barking! Thanks again!

  2. On my model there were no hidden screws. The basket pops out if you push the tabs in with a flat blade screwdriver.

  3. On EH Series, electronics are all in the base, no need to mess withidan the top. Take bottom 7 screws out, then 2 that hold pcb board holder, then 2 on the board. I unsoldered the speaker and removed. Works great and Quiet! Thanks for the guidance.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed instructions!!! I haven’t tried them yet but this is exactly what I was looking for!!! That stupid beep was driving me crazy!!! Who would put such a thing on a programmable coffee maker?! The whole point is for it to brew WHILE YOU SLEEP!!! :)))

    • Exactly! I hope you’re sleeping soundly and waking, peacefully, to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee.

  5. Thanks to all for your very helpful postings. I am fighting a ” Back when I was young…” urge. I love the internet! I have a Mr Coffee model bvmc-sjx36gtwm. Took the bottom off and the circuit board was right there, held in place by 2 screws. I used Peter’s method – gently popped the cover off of the speaker and removed the small metal disc, put everything back together and now, nothing but warm aroma of fresh coffee to alert me that it is done. I thank you, my wife thanks you and most of all, my dog, who literally flipped out when that thing beeped, literally, thanks you 🙂

  6. Thanks for doing the dirty work. Only change I made was to warm up the soldering iron and use a solder sucker (“soldapult”) to remove the speaker cleanly.
    This probably works for more than one of the newer models.

    • If I lived back in the Wild West days, instead of carrying a six-gun in my holster, I’d carry a soldering iron. That way, if some smart-aleck cowboy said something like, “Hey look. He’s carrying a soldering iron!” and started laughing, and everybody else started laughing, I could just say, “That’s right, it’s a soldering iron. The Soldering Iron of Justice.” Then everybody would get real quiet and ashamed, because they made fun of the Soldering Iron of Justice, and I could probably hit them up for a free drink. – Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

  7. Awesome! My model is slightly different but close enough, your directions were a big help. My wife was so fed up with the beeping and waking kids that she actually wanted me to take something apart! Thanks so much.

  8. Thanks! You saved me a lot of time figuring it out myself. It was disable it or buy another brand. I guess youare right, they don’t do customer surveys anymore. They just tell us want we want [aka, Obama Care]

  9. I can’t thank you enough for posting this! Our coffee maker broke last weekend so we bought a new one, not knowing it beeped. Our dog had major anxiety every time that thing went off, and we couldn’t figure why she was being so clingy until we put two and two together. Your instructions worked to a tee, and it doesn’t beep anymore!!

    You are a godsend!
    Christina and Casey (the overly anxious dog) 🙂

  10. Could you explain where those 2 “hidden” screws are? I dont see them and this beeping is driving me crazy. Like I dont know how to tell when a pot of coffee is done brewing. I do have eyes. Thanks!

    • I believe they can be found here. The screws are below the black plastic plugs that cover them. I’m certain one exists in the back left corner, but the one I marked on the back right might actually be in the front left corner. It’s been a long time since I did it and I don’t own the pot anymore to confirm my guess.
      Hidden screw locations.

  11. Many thanks to all. I hated that beeping. Mine is a BVMC model. You can unscrew the bottom and the PCB is held by two screws. The speaker on my model looked like a half-inch fat disc that could be gently pried off the PCB with a small pair of pliers.

    • Thanks to the main post and your comment in particular. My girlfriend has the same model, and I was able to pop off the top of the speaker and remove the silver disc that completes the circuit. She lives in a studio apartment, so that beeping just tortured me if she got up first. Looking forward to getting some sleep!

  12. Another thank you for posting this fix. Had to laugh at the ‘corporate jackass’ comment. Hard to believe anyone would ever think a beep that can’t be disabled was a fabulous idea.

    Can’t wait to put hubby to work on this thing with his soldering iron.

  13. Thank you thank you!!! It was harder and took longer than I expected, but the problem was my tools — you need a teeny screwdriver that’s short enough to work in a tight space, but that can still give you the leverage to loosen screws that were clearly driven in by an angry robot. Wow. End result = silent coffee! Thanks again!

  14. whoops – i have a fttx95-. I could not take the five beeps at the end of the brewing cycle. I was able to access the PCB and pulled a roundish component. I thought this could be the “washer” type speaker. The machine runs but now makes a buzzing noise. And, oh ya, it still beeps – albeit at a slightly higher pitch. I am now going to buy another cheapo machine – anything but a Mr Coffee / attention seeking stinker. This was a $60 gamble. Well worth it… thanks for the advice.

      • arghhh! I purchased the Cusinart DCC-1150. There was nothing on the box indicating it had a beeper but sure enough, it has the same five beep done-brewing noise. It appears that several of these throw-away machines use the same board – probably from the same Chinese supplier… god help us…

        • updating… I found the washer-type speaker in the Cuisinart. Pulled it and all is quiet. Plus, the machine still works. Thanks for the tips!

  15. Thank you!

    I guess the employees don’t use their own machines, that’s why they don’t get how bothering all this beeping is. This is as bad as customer relations can get. Idjits.

  16. I too appreciate your posting for this fix…although I’m still in the middle of it. I got up at 4:50 AM this morning and thought… TODAY is the day to stop that obnoxious beeping on my Mr. Coffee Model JWX31. I had pinned your page and got right to work. Seems the electronics on this model are all at the bottom. But I did get stuck. There were 4 Phillips head screws that came out easily on the very bottom of the machine and then you had to remove two gray “plugs” that are used to keep the coffee maker from sliding on your counter top. Under these plugs… were ?? regular Philips screws? OF COURSE NOT! Two strange screw heads that looked like a six sided flower with a small pin head in the middle. Now we have a ton of tools and I did search, but can’t find anything that would take these two out. What’s the deal with the folks who design this stuff! Do they get extra points for doing this type of stuff? Ahhhhh …. there it is .. that wonderful loud beeping to let me know the coffee is ready at 5:58 AM. Well, I’m not giving up. I will have to run to Lowe’s and see what tool I’m missing to get those screws out. If anyone has any additional help for this Mr. Coffee Model Number JWX31 please let me know. Ya’ll have been very helpful! Thank you.

      • SO, Mongo, here we are 7+ years after your original post, and the fact that I am writing a reply shows that manufacturers STIILL DON’T UNDERSTAND we, who imbibe in the Holy Elixir are enlightened enough to know when the brewing process is done! AND, that it is OK to allow that magical process to commence and complete all while we remain in our sweet respite, knowing that upon our awakening we will, without delay or hesitancy, be able to partake in that dark fluid awesomeness to start our day!
        I have to add that I have been online for a few weeks now trying to figure out how to get to those two “special” screws on the bottom of my Mr. Coffee BVMC-LMX120 coffee maker. I saw multiple postings, with and without videos, ALL of which stated that one had to get to the circuit board to remove the speaker entirely, or as I ended up doing, just the small gold disc that completed the circuit. I just couldn’t get the two middle screws out of the bottom…UNTIL TODAY!! Thanks to your post and all of the additional replies, I eventually got to this mention of the TORX screw heads! Luckily I had TORX drivers and in a matter of a few minutes, I am now ALARM FREE!!! Ahhh, sweet alertless brewing!
        As others have posted, My DOG will be so happy that I was able to get this done! You and your string of posts are a life saver!

    • I thought I was just being too irritable that my unit’s sound bugged me so much, it hurts my ears. Carol, send me a pic of your special screws (try using a flashlight if it’s hard to get a good photo), I think mine had similar ones, I know about those “lockout screws” so I can point you in the right direction. email- g1mechakick@gmail.com

      I fixed mine this way, my model is JWX23

      Mongo, I wish I would have found your post first, it would have saved me re-inventing the wheel. I crushed the magnet in the piezo buzzer.

  17. I’ve been putting this off for too long. Carrying the coffee pot to the garage so it wont wake up Momma. Yep sounds bad I know. I Finally had enough, so I search the web to find out how to disable the chime on my mr coffee, only now I see I’m not the only one being tormented by some F#~%* engineer who’s thinking he’s a genious. I only had to remove 7 screws from the bottom of my unit and once inside, there are two more screws holding the circuit board. and low and behold, there it is, 1/2 “diameter x 3/8 ” high black cylinder with a hole in the center. I was not able to disect it, but it sure was satisfying to get ahold of with the plyers and twist it of. Oh Yeah!
    That said, Thank you for the needed inspiration to dive into this. And if old mr coffee didnt work after this, I would have enjoyed taking a sledge hammer to it almost as much as I am enjoying my first silent cup of coffee

  18. Thanks for the help on this, I opened up the bottom of the machine and found the electronic board. I di not feel comfortable taking it out or snaping the the speaker off, so I took some black electical tape and covered the hole, its still beeps but the volume is considerably less that i can live with!

  19. You are my new hero. Thanks for the inspiration to explore, and the courage to grab a pair of pliers and yank that little mf off the circuit board. Not only is this a great example of the power of the internet, but it provided a communal experience for all of these people who shared the pain of that horrid beep and the exhilaration of completing the task successfully. We may not have control over how our lives are impacted by many bad corporate decisions, but we have regained our power over this one, thanks to you!

  20. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the risk and “blazing a trail”. I have a EH series mr coffee unit. The control panel was pretty easy to access given your instructions. I rather enjoyed rotating that little annoying speaker right off of the board. I just had to rotate back and forth a couple times and that little sucker broke free. What an annoying feature! Thanks for making my wife very happy! Buck

  21. I will put the handy girlfriend to work on this…we have a BVMC-SJX model and this is way more than annoying. Any tips on this model appreciated! Thanks!

  22. I was so disappointed when I found out I couldn’t switch the beeping like I used to be able to. I liked it when we had company for dinner and made coffee afterwards. While in another room, the beep would let us know the coffee was ready but in the mornings I could disable it. Oh well…less expensive to manufacture but still same cost to you and me. Go figure! Thanks for the help in getting the splendid silence back to my morning.

  23. Thank you so much for the instructions! YOU ARE AWESOME! Got this as a Christmas gift, and as soon as we heard the beeping, we wanted to throw it out the window! Wakes the kids up and is so annoying at 6 am. Husband tried taking it apart to disable, but I guess those hidden screws were really hidden. Bought a newer one thinking it wouldn’t beep; they ALL beep! Found your instructions, and it worked great! Peace & quiet is restored. 🙂

  24. Just finished this little mod. My hubby gets up really early and he almost tripped over the dog running to try and shut this thing off this morning. I sleep in later so he was trying to spare me. He’s a sweetie. Old one broke and this was the first morning he used the new one. He was mortified. It’s easy to pry off the top of the little black buzzer disc and simply remove the silver disc inside. Much less likely to cause any magic smoke problems that way. Thank you for posting this. I laughed when I read the comment from the guy who was carrying the coffee maker to the garage. He must really love his wife!

  25. Mongo,

    Clearly, you are not “only pawn in game of life”! Thanks for keeping this post up – we recently purchased a BVMC-EHX23. Thought it would be a “good” idea to run a cycle with water to flush it prior to brewing up a batch of coffee. Whoa, what a surprise! At the end of the brewing cycle, three high pitched tones pierced the quiet evening at home . . . and subsequently our dog pulled the pin on the “stress-grenade”.

    Oh, and don’t try to “game” the system by executing a quick “turn-off, turn-on” of the coffee maker when the tones pierce the quiet, because when you turn the machine back on to keep the coffee warm, you are blessed with the ear-piercing tones again. The icing on the cake – when the warming cycle ends . . . yes! another round of beeping.

    Again, thanks for keeping all of this information available. This morning was a return to the tranquil process of brewing a pot of our house blend. Bravo Zulu for forging ahead and doing your part to bring shalom to our home!

    **Took some pictures of the PCB and the “spawn of satan” speaker. If you’re interested, bump me an email note and will send along**

  26. I know this is an old post, but it’s still helping!

    On my model, SJX33GT, had to remove the six screws on the very bottom, then the two holding down the power plug, and finally the ones holding the circuit board down.

    Popped off the black plastic thick washer looking thing, removed the silver disk, put all back together and voila! Peaceful silence.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  27. It still amazes me that what was a silly endeavor about how to create a WordPress blog and a write a silly post, continues to render coffee pots (even after 3 years of “feature enrichment”) silent across the U.S. Crazy.

    • Thanks for putting this up. Mine is a JWX23WM. I called Mr C and asked if the beeper could be disabled, but the rep just told me the advantages of it (I know when coffee’s done because it gurgles)… and that it can’t be disabled. I had some bad luck – when twisting off the speaker (I was frustrated at that point and didn’t spend much time to try prying off just the top), I cracked a trace (later saw post from smart guy who desoldered it). Saw all LEDs were on and no LCD display AFTER I put it back together. Used a magnifying glass to see the crack then soldered on a small wire. Works again and brews silently. THANKS again!

  28. I was going to call and ask about the FREAKING BEEPING…5 BEEPS when done/5 BEEPS when shutting off UGGGGGG..it wakes us up…I don’t like my microwave beeping me, and it only beeps twice ;-/ So now I see there is no way to stop this menace…I never leave my coffee pot plugged in, so I never even set the clock, I sure do not need it to BEEP!!!! …..guess it goes back to Wally Mart and I go back to instant…
    Thank you for saving me the time and research however:-)

  29. Thanks. A good cup of coffee is pointless if it wakes up my 2 year old at 5am. Ripped off the speaker and now I can relax with a cup without waking the kids! Thanks!

    • It’s been years since I did it, but if my memory serves me, it should be accessible. I think you just need a short Phillips-head. You just need the right tool for the job. Good luck!

  30. Many blessings coming your way as we took the plunge this evening to disable the dreaded beep. Brand new coffee pot today and we were horrified to hear the beep. Thank God for your post and those that followed sharing their experience….we had the guts to try it. We thought twice about it – but, after weighing pros and cons: went for it! Grateful our mornings will be peaceful, the cat won’t be freaked out by the beeping, and one of us can sleep in while the other enjoys coffee. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you and everyone that is brave enough to try be richly blessed by the sound of silence.

  31. Dude, you rock!!! I was ready to take it back (or throw it) and found your post!

    Model BVMC-EHX23 ($24 at Target) has the board with the beeper on the bottom, not up top behind the front controls. Less work to do.

    Removing the bottom (7 screws), you can see the circuit board. It is attached with 4 screws — two at the top that hold the electrical cord in place and two way-down-inside that actually hold the circuit board to the plastic frame.

    Remove all 4 and gently pull out the circuit board …. then use pliers to rip off the little black thing that looks like a washer…. (no, I wasn’t gentle with it). Put it all back together and you have a nice, QUIET coffee maker.

    Thank you.

  32. Our border collie is ok with many beeps but ones on the BVMC – SJX33GT ($25 – Amazon – makes terrific coffee) made him jump into our laps. Thanks so very much for the inspiration and solution.

    We can tell that he is still apprehensive while the coffee is brewing but time will heal that. Talk about Pavlovian!

    As others have mentioned, the power of the internet is oddly bring back the power to the people. Like wiring humanity’s brains in parallel for exponential wisdom.

    Take care,


  33. Thanks so much for this post – especially the most recent ones as I purchased model BVMC-EHX23 a week ago and was surprised to hear that annoying beeping. My dog has not a big fan of it either.

    I managed to get it apart and with help of the video that was posted, I was able to remove the correct part. Got it put back together and it still works minus the beep…….yay!!!

  34. Mongo, you are awesome!! Peace finally. Thank you. My Boston Terrier hid whenever we poured coffee into the coffee maker. She is a mellow dog and our vet said the calmest and sweetest Boston she has seen. A month ago, we purchased the Mr. Coffee model BVMc-SJX33GT and the beep was an alarming feature. My brother n I took it apart from the bottom with a couple of different sized phillips. The round plastic washer and silver disk popped right off the circuit board.

  35. Thanks so much. I just bought a new Mr. Coffee, why in God’s name would they make a coffee pot beep, don’t they know people are sleeping when it starts. What a bunch of idiots. Great directions, I hope my husband will do this, I am not mechanical. I can’t believe he slept through the beeping.

  36. I have had a Mr. Coffee maker for 10 years and the beep has never bothered me. It surprises me how many people are bothered by it. Mine actually stopped working and I want it back. The timer marks started to show too early when it has not finished the cycle. Anybody knows how to fix this? I already cleaned the unit really well.

    Couple other things related to model JWX23 – Purchased: 8/2015
    There are two different kinds of screws, although they are all the same size, some are stainless steel and the grey screws are not. Make sure the screws that hold the PC board in place through the plastic are stainless. Also keep at least a stainless for the Swing Arm. Also that 5th screw in the center referred to in #6: It’s a pain to get out and a real pain to put back because it is so close to the plastic… I just left it out… seems to work fine… ‘course I haven’t run a pot through yet, the lights work and no more beeping!!!

  38. I emailed the company and they said there is not a way to turn the alarm off. I have printed and mailed your instructions and the removed speaker back to Mr. Coffee and telling them “Thanks for the response, but I found a solution to the issue.”

    Yet another thank you for peaceful mornings.


  39. Thank you for this!! I love my early morning coffee! With four kids, the coffee alarm is some sort of bat signal, and they assume they should all get up and start the chaos. I cannot wait to have my quiet time extended.

  40. This is great … my only problem is for the life of me I can only find FOUR screws on the base. It loosens after I take them out but still is “tight” near the front. Can I just pop it out? Thanks!

    • It’s been a LONG while since I posted this, but my guess is that the model you are disassembling has some “hidden” screws you are missing. They love to use little plastic plugs to conceal them. If I was a betting man, you just need to reveal the screws that are giving you grief. If you try to force it apart, you’re probably going to break it. Look for little indentations of plastic that you just need to dig out with something small and sharp.

      • Thanks so much, I’ll give that a try. There is a little indention like that, maybe I can scrape it out. I won’t force anything, though! Thanks again.

        • Mine (model: BVMC-SJX33GT) has two little tabs in the front and I had to wiggle it a little to pop it off. However, mine also had 7 screws.

  41. Thanks so much! Was able to remove that obnoxious speaker and actually got it back together, even those tiny plugs. Those were pretty well hidden.

  42. Thanks for the walk through on this repair. I had a different model BVMC-EJX37WM. Note of caution: When you pull the circuit board away from its backing, be careful to replace the 3-prong plugs in the correct alignment. Mine fell out and it took 2 additional assemble/unassembled trials to figure out the plugs were on the wrong side, because when the surface buttons were pushed, they did not trigger their respective function. The plugs press against the 6 outside options (Set delay, hour, minute, Brew strength, delay brew and clean). There is only a slight difference in length in ONE prong on each set of 3. The longer prong goes on the upper button, FYI…

  43. Unfortunately I have a model BVMC-SJX33GT and the beep is coming from the programming pad area. I have tried to take it apart but have been unsuccessful. Anyone out there that has done this successfully on this model?

  44. It is true, the BVMC-SJX33GT now has a bus connector going up to the keypad, but no speaker. On that bus is one wire labelled BUZ, but I haven’t tried to cut it. To access the button panel requires separating the face of the machine from the back, and the tabs do not release. Have to learn how till live with the beep.

    • We have the new model with the beep from behind the keypad, and I was able to disable it yesterday. You don’t need to separate the front from the back with the tabs, but you do need to remove the top — There are six little black plugs on the top that I pried off with a knife / pin, and under there are six screws that hold the top of the unit on. Pull that off (I also had to pry that hinge lever thing out of its connection to the lid, to open the lid enough to get at the left side screws), and you can see the ribbon cable going through the unit to the button area.

      There are five screws there, plus a bunch of sealant around the ribbon cable. Remove the screws and push the sealant through the hole with a screwdriver, and the button panel will come off. Then there are four screws holding the PCB on (as pointed out in the original post, be careful because the buttons will be loose after you take that off), and on the PCB you’ll find the black cylinder with a top hole that is the speaker.

      Hope this helps folks with the new model. Super glad we discovered this blog with all the tips and tricks!

  45. Does anybody else have the problem that the audible beep continues off and on during the day? Thanks for the instructions. May try it tomorrow.

  46. YAY. YAYYAAaAaAAaaAaaaaY. Thank you. We have always wondered why the he.. People would need a noise to let them know their coffee was done. I even called the company yo suggest they make a no beep pot……YAY. Thank You Thank You Thank You ??????????????????

  47. Thanks for the instructions! Not sure if anyone else has said this already, but I found that using a couple of pieces of Scotch tape on the front of the control panel to hold the buttons in place while removing the speaker and putting it all back together was very helpful. Looking forward to enjoying much quieter mornings!

  48. Love this post!!!! BUT HELP!!!! My Mr. Coffee JWX223 (purchased late 2015) doesn’t appear to have the little black speaker at all. Have the jack ass engineers become more evil in their ideas on torturing us? I have a picture – how can I email it to you for you to take a look?

    Frustrated beyond belief!

  49. Model JWTX85…original instructions still apply in September 2016. Thanks for the help. I can’t hear it, but my very-sensitive wife can (could) so I searched out these instructions. A set of jeweler screwdrivers comes in very handy on this job. PS: my dog says he couldn’t care less, but he works with me in a railroad yard and noises don’t bother him, even though he can hear a pin drop or the UPS truck coming from a half mile away.

  50. You CAN disable this by holding the “Delay Set” button for 5 seconds and getting one beep, it is now turned off. To turn it on, hold the “Delay Set” for 5 seconds to get one beep, it is now back on again.

  51. I couldn’t for the life of me remove the 5th hidden screw, suppose didn’t have the right tools (was using IT guy’s computer tools). So I decided to yank the control panel out and successfully removed the speaker, took this Model JWX23 (oldest model for Mr. Coffee I am pretty sure) to my work to make coffee with Costa Rican ground coffee but the beeping was distracting everyone. Still looks and works exactly the same; colleagues said just get another coffee pot but I refused, what for? when this one is working perfectly fine! 🙂 THANK YOU Mongo and others for posting this, wish I could refer to some images just to be sure sure I removed the right piece LOL but good thing there’s only one piece that looks like a washer/black speaker. Remember… *if there’s a will there’s always a way! ^_^

    • I still kick myself for not taking photos once I started tearing mine apart, but am glad this post still provides some assistance, even after all of these years.

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