After giving it some careful thought, I’ve decided to modify my career path a bit by shifting it towards a more technical direction.  Although I earned my degree in MIS, I’ve been doing project management for the past 10 years.  I’m hoping that I can use this blog to increase my web knowledge, serve as a breadcrumb trail of my journey and even share a funny story from time to time.  Regardless, I’m curious to see how this little experiment goes.

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  1. Just read about you (by way of fixing my girlfriend’s coffee maker). How is your career change going? Have you given Python a try? I’m doing the same thing and found it really useful.

    • I nixed the IT career path after dealing with a customer who still owes me thousands of $$. It was worth a shot but needing a steady cash flow, I decided to return to project management. No regrets. I obtained a few useful tools for my belt. Thanks for asking!

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